Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is 180 lbs. of scrapbooking supplies that I no longer "love".  Yesterday I ran across a Paperclipping blog post suggesting the donation of unused and no longer loved supplies to help children under state custody make Life Books.  Here is a description of what this is about: 

“Children in the custody of Social Services create Life Books to remember their lives and the people they have lived with. Life Books are simple scrapbooks the social workers, foster families, and adoptive families put together with the children. Life Books are also used as a form of therapy, to get to know the children, and to understand their situations. They are also used to help the children feel a sense of belonging. The children take the books with them as they move through Social Services. Scrapbook supplies are used to create these books, but Social Service offices don’t have budgets for the supplies they need."

When I called my local social services office yesterday, it was relatively easy for me to find a contact person to whom I could give this donation.  He was very appreciative of the gesture and talked about the children (including teenagers) and social workers who would be using these supplies.  I expressed concern that maybe some of the items in these boxes wouldn't necessarily appeal to children and wondered if I should sort the items so as to only give child-friendly items.  This is where he told me of the many teenagers making books like this and that their tastes vary.  He also spoke of women who make these Life Books for younger children.  I was so touched by this project that I now intend to purge my supplies regularly and donate them to Henrico County Social Services.

If you, too, have excess supplies and would like to purge and donate, I suggest you call your local county social services office to see if they'd accept your supplies for this Life Book project.  I have a feeling they'd appreciate anything you could offer them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swap cards in the mail.

I sent my box off on Monday.  I am pleased with my cards even though I ran into a few snags in making them.  I am excited to see what I get in return. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jordan's Journal.

Jordan loves journals. When she didn't have anything on her birthday list, I decided to make one using a bunch of the magazine pages, tags, rub-ons, papers, fabrics, and other scraps she had been saving. I spend some time before the kids get up every morning blog hopping so this is a culmination of a multitude of ideas I've seen on others' blogs over the past few months. I had Jordan pick out her favorite pages to photograph. There are actually 76 pages in this journal and my idea going into it was that she'd have some place to be artistic. If she wanted paint, draw, doodle, or write she could do it all in here.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Crafty Carnival Card Swap.

I've joined a card swap at Crafty Carnival.  This should be fun!  It just might take me a few weeks to come up with a card idea, but I'm looking forward to making them.  There is still time to join if you're interested!  Missy has even invited the kids to participate.  You might also check out her kickstarter program here.  She has designed some adorable rubber stamps that she's trying to get produced so we can buy them.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paper airplane mobile.

I saw this on a DIY blog one morning when I was bloghopping.  I can't remember where I found it though so I can site my source.  I am sorry - I'll keep looking though.  This is a fun, easy project and I can guarantee that no one else in the area has one of these hanging over their kitchen table.  Jordan and I gathered a bunch of branches and tied them in a snowflake sort-of pattern.  Then we cut pieces of map paper, folded them into airplanes and hung them from the mobile.  My kids and the kids in the neighborhood think it's "so cool".

Monday, April 5, 2010

Scraplift Challenge.

This one is lifted from Norcha.  You can see hers here.  I completed this layout in about an hour which is a record for me.  The Carter Mountain layout I posted just previous to this one took me two days to complete.  I love the sun setting just behind Jordan while she's showing off on her skates.

How Much is Too Much Challenge.

For this challenge I needed to use one photo collage and 22 circles.  I so am grateful for Shimelle's class because I scrapped many pictures during the past two weeks that normally wouldn't have made it to paper.